Il Brusafer
Il Brusafer
Organic farm
We grow according to the organic method
la cucina il brusafer
Farm Holidays
home cooking, enhances local food and wines
Il Brusafer organic farm
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Il Brusafer for the social

Il BRUSAFER is a biological firm tucked away at medium height of the Alps range  in Valle di Susa (Piedmont). We grow, gather in the harvest and process officinal herbs, precious gift of the peculiar climate of the valley.
We pay attention to the impact on environment  each one of our activity, respecting  varieties, cycles and traditions. We range at the utmost level the care and quality of our products. In our premises  you can also spend farm holidays in a restored ancient barn, property of the familiy who has also provided a cosy restaurant with unfashionable but warm service and TAKE AWAY of appeitzing food.
Taste our Paste di Meliga (corn cookies) baked according an old recipe with first quality ingredients and  last but not least  experience our surprising instant tisans. Try our cosmetic  preparations  and our pysiotherapic product ecofriendly and meant for your health!

Il Brusafer

organic farm
the fields - the laboratory - the distillation
dinners - ceremonies - stays
cosmetics - phytotherapy - herbal teas - food

il brusafer

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Fraz. Combe, 33 10050 Mattie (TO)

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