special attention to the environment

Our fields are located  in Mattie,  around the very  see of the company in Meana. Most of our fields are carachterized ancient stone walls: this means that any tillage  must be  done hand also to better exploit the exposition to the sun and the capacity of stone walls to store its  heat.

Our tillage is according the biologic method and we do not use chemicals. We save water using dropping tubes and covering the ground with natural materials or bio-degrading sheets.

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All products are manufactured in our premises: from extraction steam-flow of precious essential oils, to infusion necessary to prepare oleolyts, mother tinctures and so on…

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il laboratorio mattie
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We distill our herbs in  steam-flow, exploiting its skill to remove the microscopic drops of the essential oils in the plants. We get this without any “industrial” power and not using solvents. Finally we make the wide range of our products.

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