Body scrub lavender and calendula

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For a silky and regenerated skin. The salt, rich of potassium which is antibacterial and of zinc which balances the sebum and nourishes the collagen, has a puryfying effect and ist granules structure makes it a perfect exfoliantor. Removes the dead cells,  smoothes the skin and favours the cell’s regeneration. The oils of olive and sweet almond possess the antioxidant , emollient, softening , nourishing and soothing qualities. The vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and anty-aging. Calendula and lavender bring the marveluos parfume and emphasize the beneficial effects for the skin.

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Body scrub lavender and calendula

Ingredienti: sale marino grosso, olio di oliva, olio di mandorle, estratto di calendula bio, olio essenziale di lavanda bio di montagna, fiori di calendula, vitamina E, Limonene, Linalool.

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