Euphrasia water

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Eufrasia officinalis is a plant of the Scrofulariaceae family. Famous because of its anti-inflammatory and decongestant qualities. Is useful for the eyes, cough and cold. Is born spontaneously and we gather it from May to June, in the period of blooming. Useful for soothing the eyelids, relieve the simptoms of conjunctivitis, both of infective origin and provoked the allergy, to calm the irritations of the eyes because of a too long exposion to the sun or lamps, wind and irritating atmospheric agents. Can be with advantages utilized as a mouthwash or lotions for congested or ulcerated mucous, and for the skin. Recent studies confirmed the anti-inflammatory  effectiveness in the treatment of catarrh in the case of cough, cold, allergical rhinitis  and sinusitis through the fumigations.

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Euphrasia water

Ingrediets: Idrolato di Eufrasia puro

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