Shea butter

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Antioxidant for the face and body.

– favours the skin elasticity, therefore very useful during the pregnancy  to prevent the stretch marks

– moisturizer for the face and body

– soothing effect: side-therapy the treatment of psoriasis, erythema, sunburns

– dermoprotective for the face and the skin of new-born children

– restorative  effect for the skin of the face

Thanks to ist composition, rich of lipids and vitamins (A,D,E,F) the Shea butter has the protective, regenerative, moisturizing and invigorating functions. Beside the skin-care is also useful for the hair treatment, is perfect as after-sun and to soothes muscular aches after physical activity.

For the face and body care:

– face: day and night treatment ( also as nourishing and restorative mask )

– lips: protective and healing effect

– elbows, knees:  skin hydration

– feet: for the heels and dry-zones

– for the irritations of shaving: emollient compress before shaving, soothing and moisturizing after shaving

– after depilation

– to prevent stretch marks during the pregnancy

– for the every-day care of new-born’s skin

In the last years, because of the large usage and spread, it is emersed  that the Shea butter really makes miracles to the skin.

All the products are artisanal, simple, genuine, transformed in accordanse with a biological method and don’t contain SLES, PEG and parabens, but are the natural prime materials and of a low environmental impact.

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Shea butter

Ingredients: Burro di Karité

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